Netherlands Days 2 and 3: Keukenhof Gardens

15 April 2008

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We spent the last two mornings at the famous Keukenhof Gardens, where Holland’s tulip growers gather to share their latest bulbs.

In this workshop, we were experimenting with camera motion; most of these shots are created by zooming or moving the camera during the exposure.

Spin Me Around

This was a favorite in our critique session. It’s a single exposure … no Photoshop or Lightroom manipulation (except to darken it slightly). This was created by zooming the lens during the exposure so that the blue flowers in the middle created these soft dots throughout the photo at the end of the exposure.

Flower Path
Crazy Daisies

I’m not sure why, but Japanese tourists seem especially obsessed with capturing pictures of themselves on tour. At every stop, there’s a picture of everyone in every possible configuration. And there’s the designated photographer, sent off to take a picture on everybody else’s point-and-shoot camera.

As if this poor fellow didn’t have enough cameras to keep track of (and shoot), the group’s bus driver was standing just off the frame to the right holding several more cameras from the group!

A Picture for Everyone!

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