South America Day 13: Hello, Uruguay!

8 December 2012 1312 km / 815 mi (map)

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Iguazú Falls was amazing. Today, we’ve moved on to Montevideo, Uruguay. We’ll be in Uruguay for the next five days.

Montevideo is hands down the nicest and cleanest airport I’ve seen in South America. Competitive with the best airports on those fronts in the US. However, it also has the slowest luggage service I’ve seen yet. Given that there are only 4 gates here, that’s … ummm, disappointing.

Actually, it turns out that part of the slowness was that Aerolineas Argentinas seems to have fumbled my suitcase. Here’s hoping it arrives tomorrow. The guys at the rental car agency say Iguazú airport is infamous for losing/delaying luggage.

We arrived in the central city late enough that we had only a chance for a quick walk around the old city (Ciudad Vieja) before nightfall.

Together We Make Magic · Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo, Uruguay
Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo, Uruguay

Iguazú Falls, Argentina, to Montevideo, Uruguay · 1312 km / 815 mi
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