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Europe Day 11: Flight to Dublin

5 July 2017 540 km / 336 mi (map)

Today we said farewell to Scotland and took a short afternoon flight to Dublin.

We’ll be in Ireland for the next week or so and are eagerly awaiting having Tara join us the day after tomorrow.

Most of the good photos from today were from on board the flight. (OK, there was a brief road trip between checking out of the hotel and arriving at the airport …)

West Linton, Scotland
West Linton, Scotland
above Edinburgh, Scotland
above Carsphairn, Scotland
above Terally, Scotland
above Irish Sea, near Kilclief, Northern Ireland
Irish Sea, near Northern Ireland
above Garristown, Ireland
above Puddenhill, Ireland
on final approach to Dublin Airport, Ireland
on final approach to Dublin Airport, Ireland
Challenge accepted. And immediately into the heart of the city, too! · Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland
Edinburgh, Scotland, to Dublin, Ireland · 540 km / 336 mi
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