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Europe Days 25 and 26: Goodbye Family, Hello Finland

20 July 2017 1276 km / 793 mi (map)

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This morning I watched as my wife and daughter walked through security and on towards the flights that will take them home.

Our paths diverge today and I continue on for another three weeks or so on my own. As I write this, their flight is said to be somewhere over that great frozen tundra known as Greenland.

We were anxious to get through Oslo before rush hour began in earnest, so there are no photos from yesterday.

A couple hours after they left Oslo, I also left Norway and headed east to Finland. I am writing from my hotel in Helsinki, watching the sun make a semi-futile attempt to set at almost 10pm. This is summer at 60° latitude!

After a long day of driving (yesterday) and a day of flying and airports (today), I desperately needed a walk. So … here are a few photos from a walkabout in central Helsinki.

Tomorrow I shall hit the road and explore some of nearby rural Finland.

I like this graphic for “pedestrian path.”
Finns enjoying what is I am told is a rare sunny day in the park.

Much of what I’ve seen so far in Helsinki has a rather … utilitarian … feel to it.

Ayla loves foxes, so I sent her a picture of this mural.
Mandal, Norway, to Helsinki, Finland · 1276 km / 793 mi
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