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Europe Day 30: Estonian Countryside and into Latvia

24 July 2017 394 km / 245 mi (map)

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I left Tallinn this morning (I’ll be back 😘) and enjoyed a nice drive through the Estonian countryside this afternoon.

Latvian driving, on the other hand … let’s just say it’s a bit on the wild side.

Maybe not as wild as Sri Lanka or India, but definitely has that flavor. Several times oncoming drivers just assumed I would make room for them and start passing despite my presence. There was always room, but there was also an element of surprise.

I’m hoping for less turbulence on my flight day after next.

I’m also not feeling the love for Riga that I felt for Tallinn, so skipping the photo walk tonight in favor of attending to some other non-photographic stuff.

Today’s photos are all from rural Estonia.

Rehemäe, Estonia
Rehemäe, Estonia
Hälvati, Estonia
Hälvati, Estonia
Hälvati, Estonia
Hälvati, Estonia
Hälvati, Estonia
Pärnu, Estonia

I get held up at the border, not because of any issue with my passport, but because it’s a construction zone. They are tearing down the customs booth between Estonia and Latvia.

Tallinn, Estonia, to Riga, Latvia · 394 km / 245 mi
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