Spring Break Day 7: The Souks of Tunis

29 March 2019 27 km / 17 mi (map)

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I hired a local guide to show me the sights of Tunis and surrounding areas.

Best. Decision. Ever!

Sam was a fantastic guide. His English was impeccable (he had lived in the US for some time), and he was deeply familiar with Tunis and surrounding areas. We got into places that I – as a foreigner incapable of speaking either Arabic or French, or knowing the right people – would have never had access to. (If you’re going to Tunisia and would like a guide, I have his contact info and I’ll be happy to pass it along.)

We started with a walking tour of the historic souk markets of Tunis. These photos in this post are all taken within about an hour of each other.

We parked a few blocks out of the city center and walked into the market area.

From here, we were in the narrow walkways of the souk markets.

Zaytuna Mosque, Tunis, Tunisia

Sam was able to get us access to a rooftop from which I captured these views of the central city:

There is something very haunting about the call to prayer.

For the record, I did not plant this sticker here.

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La Marsa to Tunis, Tunisia · 27 km / 17 mi
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