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Spring Break Day 7: Sidi Bou Said

29 March 2019 56 km / 35 mi (map)

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On the way back from Uthina, Sam suggested we stop by the coastal town of Sidi Bou Said.

This was one of the fastest, most intense photo walks I’ve ever taken. (Rather an antithesis to the mindset I wrote about some years ago in Slow Photography, I’ll grant!)

Once out of the car, I captured nearly 100 frames in 45 minutes. I’m sharing 44 of those with you here. That’s a stunningly high keep rate for me.

Hope you enjoy following along on my walk through Sidi Bou Said:

Thanks for following along this far. You might also enjoy this video of what it was like to drive through the Tunisian countryside, taken on our way from Uthina to Sidi Bou Said.

Douar el Houch, Tunisia
Mohammedia to Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia · 56 km / 35 mi
(Mouse over or tap on the markers to see the photos there.)

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