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Spring Break Days 9 to 11: I Might Be Crazy

2 April 2019 25,912 km / 16,101 mi (map)

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And now, for something completely different …

I almost flew around the world in 72 hours.

So, my travel route here may look a little crazy. It probably is.

But the thing is … I wanted a special travel companion with me. So I few from Tunis to Seattle, stayed in Seattle for 22 hours, during which I picked up my daughter. And then the two of us flew to a place she’s long wanted to visit: Japan.

First, let’s bid farewell to Tunisia, as seen on departure from Tunis-Carthage Airport:

above Tunis, Tunisia
above Tunis, Tunisia
above Raoued, Tunisia
above Raoued, Tunisia
above the Mediterranean Ocean, south of Greece

The flight into Tunis took a rather curvy path for two reasons, as I understand it:

  1. Israeli airspace is closed to Emirates airlines because the two countries do not have diplomatic relations.
  2. There were heavy thunderstorms over the part of Saudi Arabia where the “normal” flight path would have taken us. We got some turbulence for a bit, but judging by the lightning flashes I saw out my window (right/south side of the plane), we were wise to divert to the north as we did.

Problem: Power outlet at my seat on the plane is loose. Laptop’s power adapter falls out immediately.

Solution: This appears to be one of those “we’ll fit anything plugs.” Insert an otherwise-unnecessary UK-to-US power adapter (which I just happened to have handy) into the plug and then insert laptop power adapter into that.

Problem solved. #travelgeeksrule

Pacific Ocean, west of Ketchikan, Alaska

Ayla and I made a few videos of the passing countryside on the train from Ōsaka to Kyoto.

Kumatori, Ōsaka, Japan · by Ayla Scouten
Kishiwada, Ōsaka, Japan · by Ayla Scouten
Settsu, Ōsaka, Japan

Looking forward to exploring Kyoto tomorrow!

Tunis, Tunisia, to Kyoto, Japan · 25,912 km / 16,101 mi
(Mouse over or tap on the markers to see the photos there.)

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