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Spring Break Day 14: Mount Fuji to Tokyo

5 April 2019 196 km / 122 mi (map)

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Being the crazy photographer that I am, I awoke at 5am to capture sunrise at Mount Fuji. I was blessed with good weather this morning, and the resulting photo is the lead photo for today.

Sunrise, Mount Fuji · Yamanakako, Yamanashi, Japan

My daughter woke up a few hours later and we then drove back to return the car and resume the train trip into Tōkyō.

Lake Yamanaka Panorama Deck, Minamitsuru, Yamanashi, Japan

An early glimpse of what Tōkyō is like from the train on the way in:

Shinagawa City, Tōkyō, Japan

We transferred trains in Tōkyō’s primary station.

Tōkyō Station, Tōkyō, Japan

We’re excited to check out the city in more detail tomorrow!

Yamanakako to Tokyo, Japan · 196 km / 122 mi
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