Day 8: Grand Isle

15 October 2022 385 km / 239 mi (map)

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On our last full day of the trip, we decided to divide and conquer. I road-tripped again (shocker!) and Lisa explored the city a bit. My travels today took me to another coastal area, Grand Isle.

First, meet my friend “Henry Alex,” who seemed to be out of place (i.e. on land).

Henry Alex · west of Larose, Louisiana

Closer to the coast, the road was clinging to a fairly narrow strip of land.

south of Golden Meadow, Louisiana
south of Golden Meadow, Louisiana
Leeville, Louisiana

As in much of the Gulf Coast, homes in Grand Isle are built well above ground level in an effort to survive the storm surges that accompany hurricanes.

Grand Isle, Louisiana
Hurricane Hole · Grand Isle, Louisiana
Grand Isle, Louisiana

Part of my reason for wanting to visit Grand Isle was to satisfy a curiosity about the Gateway to the Gulf Expressway, one of the longest bridges in the world at more than 13km / 8 miles long.

Here is the south end of the bridge:

north of Port Fourchon, Louisiana

I drove back along the old Highway 1. The new bridge is on the horizon, maybe half a mile from where I took this photo:

north of Port Fourchon, Louisiana

And, finally, on the way back, here, again, is my friend Henry Alex, as seen from the other side of the river.

west of Larose, Louisiana
New Orleans to Grand Isle, Louisiana, and back · 385 km / 239 mi
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