A Steampunk Caboose!

7 January 2023

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Had a night to myself last night so I looked on AirBNB for last-minute getaways and found a steampunk caboose! Couldn’t pass that up, so I booked it and drove up there straight away.

From the outside, it looks just as advertised, a decommissioned Burlington Northern caboose.

Inside, it’s a very cozy and well-outfitted cabin – with a fun steampunk twist!

Who doesn’t need a comfort stove?

The observation chairs in the cupola remained and were surprisingly comfortable. I did some late work-related technical reading last night sitting in that chair, watching nearby traffic when I needed a break from the reading.

I ventured into town (Sequim) for dinner and found Christmas lights still up:

Sequim, Washington

So, where is this, you ask? It’s all part of the Olympic Railway Inn, just outside of Sequim. You can book it yourself through AirBNB, as I did, or find it on several other booking sites.

There are several other train cars similarly outfitted as cabins here, as you can see in a few of these last photos of grounds.

Sequim, Washington
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