California Days 35 and 36: On the California Coast

21 April 2023 345 km / 215 mi (map)

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Continuing on from my month-long trip through the Southeastern US, I spent most of this week representing my team and project at Internet Identity Workshop. IIW is a fabulous torrent of information and connections. Having attended before and had that same experience then, I made plans to have this weekend away and to myself.

After the conference ended yesterday afternoon, I got my rental car and drove to the north end of the Bay Area. I had some nice views across the water to San Francisco, but mostly it was time to start decompressing.

Tiburon, California
Sam’s Anchor Cafe, Tiburon, California
Tiburon, California

Today’s weather was 👩🏼‍🍳 perfect: cool but sunny. And I had a very fun rental car, so of course I took the windy coastal highway north. I had driven most of this route before, but the aptly named Panoramic Highway was new to me:

Panoramic Highway, west of Mill Valley, California

Had to laugh and maybe cry a little at this sign. How many people (wrongly) followed their GPS down this private driveway?

Your GPS Is Wrong! · Panoramic Highway, west of Mill Valley, California
Please Do Not Block Garage · Tomales, California

Did I mention the lonely, windy roads?

Shoreline Highway, north of Jenner, California
Shoreline Highway, north of Jenner, California

People who know me know that I typically demur when asked what is my favorite ___, including what is my favorite travel destination.

Let the evidence show that Mendocino clearly belongs on a short list of my favorite places because I keep coming back and that is where I am again this weekend. I first set foot in Mendocino more than thirty years ago. I’ve lost count, but I think I’m now on something like my 15th visit.

Were it not for the modern-day cars parked on its streets, you could think you’ve stepped back 100 or more years when you in this town. It’s quiet and laid-back. Signs at the edge of town refer to the Mendocino Historic Preservation District, and they take this seriously.

Here’s a view of the village from across the bay:

Brewery Gulch Road, south of Mendocino, California

I’m here to do a whole lot of nothing, which sounds like just my speed about now.

I’ve mostly hidden the parked cars behind trees or hills. You see what I mean about being well-preserved history?

Mendocino, California
Mendocino, California
Mendocino, California
Mendocino, California
Ford House Visitor Center and Museum, Mendocino, California
Mendocino, California

Anyway, more in a few days as I continue to revisit this – dare I say it? favorite – place.

Mountain View to Mendocino, California · 345 km / 215 mi
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