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Summer Break Day 2: To Boise

21 June 2023 660 km / 410 mi (map)

I’m on my way to Salt Lake City for an important family occasion this weekend. Today’s travels took me to Boise by way of a part of Idaho I had not seen before.

Today’s route started with a part of the Palouse that I was well familiar with between Richland and Clarkston. Along the way, I got to make progress on my Washington state parks project.

west of Prescott, Washington
west of Prescott, Washington
west of Waitsburg, Washington
Waitsburg, Washington

Once into Idaho, the route along US 95 and Idaho 55 offered lots of scenery but few safe places to stop for photography. Here are a few that represent the area from today:

Lapwai, Idaho
south of Lucile, Idaho
north of McCall, Idaho
Richland, Washington, to Boise, Idaho · 660 km / 410 mi
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