Minnesota to Washington Day 1: To Redfield, South Dakota

6 May 2009 423 km / 263 mi (map)

So the plan was to follow US Highway 212 as far west as I could. On this first day, this led me through the sweeping plains of western Minnesota and eventually to the sleepy town of Redfield, South Dakota.

On the way this elevator immediately captured my eye. Something seems ominous about it, helped, of course, by the brewing storm behind it.

Ominous · Renville, Minnesota
Terra Unfirma · Renville, Minnesota
Sacred Heart, Minnesota

Alas, as I entered Redfield, this sign alerted me that my plan to follow 212 would not quite work out as planned:

A Change of Plans · Redfield, South Dakota
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, to Redfield, South Dakota · 423 km / 263 mi
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