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A Week in Mau’i

4 June 2009 270 km / 168 mi (map)

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We spent this last week enjoying Mau’i with good friends and family.

The highlights of this trip were an attempted trip to Hana (cut short because we got a late start and then ran into road construction) and enjoying the beautiful sunsets from our resort in Ka’anapali.

Mau’i and Moloka’i · A view from the rocky north coast of west Maui across the ocean to neighbor island Moloka’i.

Smile Your in Maui

Found this fun jewelry shop on a lonely road on north Maui and I just had to stop.

P.S. Yes, I know it should be “Smile You’re in Maui.”

Honokohau Bay, Mau’i, Hawaii

Narrow Winding Road

The sign says “Narrow winding road next 8 miles.” And it was. This is one of the wider portions, where it’s something like 1½ lanes.

I love little roads like this.

Kahakuloa Bay, Mau’i, Hawaii

O Little Town Of …

… Kahakuloa. A small ocean village in north Maui. Maybe fifty people or so. Very quiet.

It takes miles of winding one-lane road to get here. There was great banana bread. Or so I heard. I wish I had stopped for some.

Kahekili Highway
Watching Sunset on Maui · A family gathers to watch sunset on the west coast of Mau’i.
Maui Sunset · Looking west from Mau’i across Moloka’i.
Nuaailua Bay · This is just one of the many little inlets along the road to Hana. We stopped here for a while to enjoy the ocean and scenery.
Wailua Bay
Watching Sunset on Mau’i

Palm and Totem

Love this juxtaposition of the Pacific Northwest and tropics.

Vancouver Monument, Kihei, Mau’i, Hawaii

Aloha, I Think … · Kihei, Mau’i, Hawaii
Worn Log · Kihei, Mau’i, Hawaii
Star-keh · Bokeh on an ocean racing canoe. Kihei, Mau’i, Hawaii

Coral Blocks

These blocks are from a reconstruction of a fort built in Lahaina in 1832. The blocks were formed by cutting coral found about 120 feet offshore.

Lahaina, Mau’i, Hawaii

Mouth Plant

From the photowalk with Peter on our last day on Mau’i. I honestly have no idea what this plant it. Tara said at the time it looks sort of like a mouth (of what, I wonder?), thus the title.

Lahaina, Mau’i, Hawaii

two trips around Mau’i, Hawaii · 270 km / 168 mi
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