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Europe Day 1: To Dublin

17 September 2018 5259 km / 3268 mi (map)

It’s 9:45 on a Monday evening as I write this.

I’m in a pub on Patrick Street, just 15 minutes by foot from where I’m staying this week. There is live music. The pub is alive with conversation. The music is good.

I flew overnight from Newark to Dublin …

above North Bergen, New Jersey
above Port Chester, New York

… and landed in this fun little AirBNB right in the heart of things.

Dublin, Ireland

I took a brief drive up the coast from Dublin.

Balbriggan, County Dublin, Ireland

Earlier this afternoon, returning from an earlier walkabout, I happened upon two artists dancing on the side of a building.

Dublin, Ireland
Dancing in mid-air. · Dublin, Ireland

This is what I came here for.

On my way here, the sidewalks were crowded. People waited in line to get into other pubs.

Couples made out on the sidewalks of side streets. Even the main streets.

Nobody cares that it’s cool and windy here. It’s always cool and breezy here. Lots of people eat outside even so.

The soft, tangy lilt of the Irish accent is tantalizing. I am smitten hourly by nothing more than voice.

The bartender switches off the football (sorry … soccer!) game so those of us with an obstructed view of the musicians can see more clearly.

Dublin, Ireland
Music on a Monday night. 💕 · Dublin, Ireland

I’ll be in Dublin this week, working and taking little side trips as I can.

Newark, New Jersey, to Dublin, Ireland · 5259 km / 3268 mi
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