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Europe Day 2: Galway

18 September 2018 414 km / 257 mi (map)

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I drove to Galway this morning to visit a friend.

It’s just over two hours from Dublin to Galway; I got up early and headed west. After a good visit, I took the old road for part of the way back to Dublin. That’s where I made my feature image for today. (There’s another one that I’m looking forward to processing, but that will have to wait for another day.)

Instincts of My Own · north of Kilreekil, County Galway, Ireland

Back in Dublin, a friend mentioned to me a sad song by Nanci Griffith, On Grafton Street, and wondered if it was near me. As it turns out, it’s only a few minutes’ walk away so I checked it out this evening. It’s been converted into a pedestrian mall and it was thriving when I went through at 6pm. I may head back there soon to see what the night scene is like.

Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland
Dublin to Galway, Ireland, and back · 414 km / 257 mi
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