Dallas to Seattle Day 1: Dallas to Lubbock

21 April 2021 516 km / 321 mi (map)

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I’d long been curious about the Texas Panhandle region, but never had a compelling reason to actually visit. That reason recently appeared in the form of a family matter that required me to go to Dallas quickly, but left me with time to come home slowly and thoughtfully.

Herewith, Day 1 of my sojourn from Dallas to Seattle starting in west Texas:

Eastland, Texas
Hey, it may be flat and lonely, but at least you can drive fast!
east of Anson, Texas
Ruby, Texas
Post, Texas (Is your money happy here?)

Cotton Court Hotel

I have a thing for well-decorated boutique hotels, and I found the delightful Cotton Court Hotel in Lubbock for my first night. It’s newly built, but they carried a historically-influenced style off with aplomb. I doubt my travels will ever take me through Lubbock again, but I know where I’d stay if they do:

Dallas to Lubbock, Texas · 516 km / 321 mi
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