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Dallas to Seattle Day 3: To Telluride

23 April 2021 550 km / 342 mi (map)

After Taos, it was time for some high desert plains and some mountains. I landed this next night in the ski resort of Telluride.

Visiting a remote ski resort in a shoulder season is an … interesting experience. Though there were still a good number of visitors, the oxygen was clearly out of the room for the month. Very few restaurants were open, even for takeout. I did manage to find good food, but it wasn’t easy.

Untitled Fine Art ... too cute not to notice!

Not so colorful just yet.
Main Street (actually Colorado Avenue), Telluride

On the way into Telluride, they had these fun locally-themed COVID warning signs:

Taos, New Mexico, to Telluride, Colorado · 550 km / 342 mi
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