A Central Washington Roadtrip

19 March 2022 422 km / 262 mi (map)

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The idea, again was to visit some more parks for the 146 Parks project. Weather intervened and my plans had to change a bit, but a good trip was had nonetheless.

I started the day at a cute little coffee shop called The Early Bird in downtown Ellensburg.

From Ellensburg, I headed northeast toward Sun Lakes-Dry Falls and Steamboat Rock State Parks.

Blue Lake, southwest of Coulee City, Washington
Park Lake, southwest of Coulee City, Washington

A fair amount of Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park was seasonally closed, so I decided to save this for another time.

Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park, southwest of Coulee City, Washington
Coulee City, Washington

I started a more serious hike in Steamboat Rock State Park a couple hours later, but heavy rains set in before I could accomplish my hiking goal for the day. I’ll share one highlight photo from the park and otherwise save this park for another day.

Steamboat Rock State Park, southwest of Electric City, Washington
Highway 17, east of Bridgeport, Washington

The weather opened up quite a bit, so I did manage to get in a previously-unplanned visit to Bridgeport State Park.

And then I wrapped up the day at the beautiful mountaintop resort at Sun Mountain Lodge.

Sun Mountain Lodge, west of Winthrop, Washington

On my way home the next day, I got in a good hike at Peshastin Pinnacles State Park.

Ellensburg to Winthrop, Washington · 422 km / 262 mi
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