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Southeastern US Day 1: To Atlanta

18 March 2023 3639 km / 2261 mi (map)

Here goes a great new adventure! I flew today to Atlanta, Georgia, as part of a grand exploration of the southeastern United States.

I’ll spend most of this time with my partner, Lisa Rozmyn, but the first few days are mostly solo travel while she and her daughter enjoy some mom:daughter time.

The day started, as many of my days do, in search of coffee. I had spent the night in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood before heading to the airport.

Ballard Coffee Works · Seattle, Washington

I had a window seat on today’s flight, so most of my photos for today are my views looking northward (from the left side of the plane) as we flew across the country.

above Roslyn, Washington
above Twin Bridges, Montana
above McAllister, Montana

On final approach to Atlanta, I was treated to a familiar logo.

above Atlanta, Georgia

And here is the view from my hotel in downtown Atlanta:

Atlanta, Georgia

I have a long drive tomorrow … hopefully some good photo opportunities along the way!

Seattle, Washington, to Atlanta, Georgia · 3639 km / 2261 mi
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