Southeastern US Day 2: Pop Goes the …

19 March 2023 660 km / 410 mi (map)

Not the weasel. This isn’t an upbeat nursery rhyme.

The plan for the day was ambitous. (Where have you heard that before? Oh, right. This blog!)

I was to leave Atlanta, meet Lisa and her daughter and their friends in Edisto Beach, South Carolina, and then embark on a bit of a solo adventure while they had some mom:daughter time.

My route took me through some long and pretty quiet two-lane roads in South Carolina, mostly through the outskirts of the Savanna River Site.

southeast of Jackson, South Carolina
Allendale, South Carolina

I had enjoyed this country road on the way to Edisto back in December, but didn’t capture an image I liked of it then. Now that spring is here and trees are budding out, it was much nicer:

Wescott Road · Edisto Island, South Carolina

I had slept in a bit longer than anticipated in Atlanta, so I only got to spend a little bit of time in and around Edisto. Here’s a scene from a short time we spent on the beach in Edisto:

Edisto Island, South Carolina
Adams Run, South Carolina

I left and headed for the freeway, thinking that that would be the fastest way to my destination in North Carolina.

And it probably would have been except for the disconcerting “pop” sound heard followed by lots of warning lights on the dashboard followed by instructions to pull over and stop.

I was fortunate to be very near a freeway exit when this happened and was able to stop in a town. And, yeah, the pop was serious. This was only a few minutes after it happened:

Pop! · Manning, South Carolina

The bad news is I didn’t make it to North Carolina as planned. The good news is the freeway exit had a hotel and I was able to book a room on the spot while I sorted things out.

Not a lot happens on a Sunday night in rural South Carolina. Looks like I’ll have to wait it out and figure things out in the morning.

Atlanta, Georgia, to Manning, South Carolina · 660 km / 410 mi
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