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Summer Break Day 6: Reno, Come Hail or High Water

25 June 2023 841 km / 522 mi (map)

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  • Nevada 4 Utah 16

Our time in Salt Lake City has come to an end and we’re making our home by way of the California coast.

We stopped for the night in Reno, having driven the long, mostly desolate stretch of I-80 through Utah and Nevada.

I-80, east of Skull Valley, Utah
west of Aragonite, Utah

One of the surprises for me was to see how lush and green the Nevada desert was. On my previous trip through this part of Utah and Nevada, it was all brown, all the time.

east of Wells, Nevada
east of Wells, Nevada
I-80 Cosgrave Rest Area, southwest of Winnemuuca, Nevada

I titled this post, “Reno, Come Hail or High Water.” I almost contemplated having us take a 2+ hour detour because flooding was mentioned along our route:

Salt Lake City, Utah

The high water never materialized, but the hail sure did make it interesting the last hour into Reno.

I-80, west of Fernley, Nevada

Thankfully, everyone slowed down to an appropriate (5-10mph) speed and we all made it out OK as best I can tell.

Salt Lake City, Utah, to Reno, Nevada · 841 km / 522 mi
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